About ABorC

The founding team of ABorC has been doing ecommerce web development for online retailers for over 10 years and one of the universal problems we've seen is low purchase conversion rates, with the national average between 2.5% and 3% (Monetate Ecommerce Quarterly Q2 2014).

And while there are many companies focused on peripheral issues, no one has been attacking the deeper, underlying problem of overwhelming choices. There's been extensive academic research on how more choices actually cause paralysis in shoppers (see The Paradox of Choice book or TED Talk), but no one to date has translated these findings into a real solution for retailers.

ABorC is that solution, created by a social scientist and a 3-time CTO. Our demonstration quizzes for baby products are available at www.ABorC.com/baby, and our approach can be used for anything sold online. What we offer to early adopters is, first and foremost, a significant increase in purchase conversions.


CEO – Jennie Wong, Ph.D.
CEO – Jennie Wong, Ph.D. Co-founder of ABorC. Wong is a social scientist who received her Ph.D. from the University of Southern California at the age of 22 and is the creator of ABorC’s multivariate sorting protocol (patent pending). Experienced executive, business owner, and nationally syndicated entrepreneurship columnist.

CTO – Steve Krause
CTO – Steve Krause Co-founder of ABorC. Krause is a 3-time CTO including TEAMTalk (acquired by ESPN). With two decades of ecommerce development experience, he leads application and integration development.

Chief Content Officer – Maria Wright
Senior Editor – Maria Wright Co-inventor of ABorC’s patent-pending methodology for creating interactive meta-content. Wright leads content creation, graphic design and branding, and social media marketing.

Advisor – Kevin Madsen
Advisor – Kevin Madsen VP of partnerships and growth at VSCO (Visual Supply Co), co-founder of SlimBooks, experienced founder coach, lean startup guy.

Advisor – Fran Maier
Advisor – Fran Maier Founder of TRUSTe and Match.com, serial entrepreneur, B2C marketing and branding expert, MBA from Stanford.

Advisor – Farzad Ehsani
Advisor – Farzad Ehsani Founder and CEO of Fluential, serial entrepreneur, experienced fundraiser and senior executive, Masters in Electrical Engineering from MIT.

Advisor – Katherine Glassey
Advisor – Katherine Glassey First Officer at Cruzin, 3-time CEO with multiple exits, track record of successful strategy and execution across multiple industries.

Advisor – F. Randall Farmer
Advisor – F. Randall Farmer Author of “Building Web Reputation Systems,” co-creator of one of the first virtual worlds and JSON, expert on intellectual property and social media products, networks, and communities.

Accelerated by Women's Startup Lab (Winter 2014).