How we make the quizzes

Let’s face it - if online shopping could be made easier by sorting data, Amazon would have already done it. The problem is, there’s too much variation in products, sellers, and data, so we wind up reading endless product descriptions and reviews, even for simple items.

Our solution is to make each of our product quizzes by hand using humans (imagine that!) trained in our patent-pending multivariate sorting protocol, or MSP.

  1. We start with the bestselling products on Amazon in a category and then painstakingly read the product descriptions so you don’t have to.
  2. Then we figure out the relevant variables for that product category. As you can imagine, the criteria for baby monitors is not the same as the criteria for crib mattresses!
  3. Once the products are correctly sorted, we create a quiz you can complete in less than 60-seconds, that’s also fun to take and share with your friends.

Just answer a few questions and you’ll get a personal list of the Top 3 best-selling products that match your preferences.

and happy shopping!